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Chronic Pain - Finally a Proven Solution - Available at San Antonio's Exclusive ARPwave Clinic

Chronic spine pain in San Antonio, TX
Rather than treating or managing your pain,
the Breakthrough Technology
of ARPwave
will Find and Eliminate
the Neurological Source of the pain.

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Man with chronic back pain in San Antonio, TX
Chronic shoulder pain in San Antonio, TX
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Chronic hip pain in San Antonio, TX

Check out this quick 1-minute Chronic Pain Relief testimonial.

"I've been dealing with neck, back and shoulder pain for almost 4 years now as the result of car wrecks. Since my 1st treatment I have been continuously pain free, and sleeping better than I have in years."
"While everyone else has been treating the pain itself, the ARPwave was able to locate and treat the actual origin of the pain"
- - - - Kenny G. San Antonio TX

Chronic Back Pain in San Antonio, TX

Man with chronic back pain in San Antonio, TX

The ARPwave System typically reduces chronic back pain up to 25% on the very first visit and often Ends Pain in just 4 sessions. In addition, our experience shows that you will recover from injuries and even surgery up to 80% faster than traditional therapies.

We know this sounds too good to be true, but unlike traditional treatments such as Physical Therapy or Airrosti, the ARPwave finds and treats the Neuromuscular point of origin of your chronic pain, and not just the symptom.

Listen to what KONO DJ Steve Cassanova has to say about ARPwave.

"I just got back from my ARPwave treatment and my hip flexor feels really good!"
"You see, the ARPwave breaks up scar tissue, and reeducates the muscle to build strength to avoid future pain and injuries."
- - - - Steve Cassanova

The ARPwave Technology

Chronic back pain in San Antonio, TX

• The ARPwave system is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation
The ARPwave system works on the neurological origin of pain, while Physical therapy works on the physical symptoms. The pain in your body is where the problem ended, not where the problem originated
• Using the ARPwave technology, we are able to find the neurological origin of the muscle failure that is causing your pain
• After a series of treatments on the ARPwave device, your muscles will be able to absorb force again and you will typically notice a 25% reduction of chronic pain your very first visit

No Drugs, No Surgery, No Lasers...something NEW!

Whether you know what caused your pain or not, the ARPwave will!!
Here are just a few of the Symptoms and Conditions the ARPwave treats:

• Accidents
• Ankle/Foot Pain
• Arthritis
• Back Pain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Elbow Pain
• Headaches
• Herniated Discs
• Knee Pain
• Ligament Tears

• Migraines
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Muscle Pulls
• Neuropathy
• Neck Pain
• Rotator Cuff Tears
• Sciatica
• Shoulder Pain
• Sprains and Strains
• Tendonitis

• Whiplash
• And Many, Many More...

Chronic hip pain in San Antonio, TX
Chronic spine pain in San Antonio, TX

There is only one way to know for sure if the ARPwave System will work for you, and that is to try our no obligation, RISK FREE TRIAL in San Antonio's Exclusive ARPwave Clinic. We will do a full treatment and you'll be able to see for yourself if the ARPwave therapy can help you. We treat some of the most elite athletes and chronic pain cases in San Antonio, TX, so we know we can help you!