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"What is The ARP POV 'Extreme Slow Training' and how can it help me and/or Players"

For speed training we use a technique called "Extreme Slow" on the ARP POV. What happens is the athlete goes through their running motion ONE TIME, over a 5 minute period and what occurs is two-fold;


1) The signals being sent from the ARP POV are neurologically contracting the muscle at 245 X per second, which is HIGH VELOCITY. When this occurs, the brain needs to send mechanisms to support this high velocity, in the form of fuel, additional muscle actions (muscles they have probably never used for sprinting and speed), etc. The brain is being told by the muscles that it is training it max velocity, so in turn the brain needs to create that SUPPORT for that to continually occur. This benefits the athlete greatly. We are creating a new foundation of neuromuscular support for the athlete as if they were training at max velocity, allowing for them achieve feats of strength and speed they could never replicate in a weight room.


2) By doing it in Extreme Slow, the athlete can train at this high velocity WITHOUT compensatory actions. For example, if you are max bench pressing and trying to get that final rep...? you would arch your back, use your stronger arm a little more than the other to compensate and push it to the final point. That is compensatory actions. If you were to run as fast as you could over 100 yards, in the last 10 yards you swing your arms harder, bend your head lower, or use other positions or compensatory actions to finish the sprint. In Extreme Slow, however, you can do it with PROPER FORM and even CORRECT certain flaws in motion, which would be impossible to do in real time. While you are doing this, however, remember the muscles and nervous system think this is occurring at max velocity and max speed so you are creating MUSCLE MEMORY of this sprint or this action and doing so with almost perfect form. The muscles neurologically think you are training at MAX VELOCITY with hundreds of reps which creates a new neurological muscle memory pattern, and the brain is sending mechanisms to SUPPORT these actions. Making you STRONGER and FASTER.

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The following Sport Specific Protocols are available

At Neuro Sports Performance, we can create tailor made protocols to meet your specific performance goals.

    Baseball Pitcher's Velocity Program
    Baseball Batter's Speed Protocol
    Speed and Agility Protocol
    Total Baseball Program
    Baseball Loosening Protocol

    Softball Pitcher's Velocity Program
    Softball Batter's Speed Protocol
    Speed and Agility Protocol
    Total Softball Program
    Softball Loosening Protocol

    Football Quarterback Protocol
    Football Speed and Agility Protocol
    Football Loosening Protocol

    Basketball Speed and Agility Protocol
    Basketball Vertical Leap Protocol
    Basketball Loosening Protocol

    Soccer Speed and Agility Protocol
    Soccer Kicking Protocol
    Soccer Running Protocol
    Soccer Loosening Protocol

    Gymnastics Stork Balance Protocol
    Gymnastics Pushup Hands Protocol
    Gymnastics Loosening Protocol

    Wrestling Shooting for Takedown Protocol
    Wrestling Loosening Protocol

  • GOLF
    Golfer's Swing Protocol
    Golfer's Putting Protocol
    Golfer's Loosening Protocol

    Power Lifting Clean and Jerk Protocol
    Power Lifting Dead Lift Protocol
    Power Lifting Bench Press Protocol
    Power Lifting Agility Protocol
    Power Lifting Loosening Protocol

    Track & Field Speed and Agility Protocol
    Track & Field Power Events Protocol
    Track & Field Loosening Protocol

    Tennis Serve Velocity Protocol
    Tennis Speed and Agility Protocol
    Tennis Forehand Swing Protocol
    Tennis Backhand Swing Protocol
    Tennis Loosening Protocol

    MMA Power Punch Protocols
    MMA Power Kick Protocols
    MMA Speed and Agility Protocol
    MMA Loosening Protocol

    Boxing Punching Protocol
    Boxing Full Squat Protocol
    Boxing Loosening Protocol

    Sprints Running Protocol
    Sprints Full Squat Protocol
    Running Loosening Protocol