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Post Surgery Rapid Rehab in San Antonio, TX

Chronic spine pain in San Antonio, TX
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The best time to begin is right after you leave the recovery room. We will immediately addresses the neurological origin of the need for surgery, and the ARPwave will quickly eliminate swelling, reduce pain and you will quickly regain range of motion. This treatment eliminates the historical problem of post-surgery atrophy, pain, and compensation patterns by neurologically reeducating all muscles needed to absorb force resulting in a 60% to 80% reduction in recovery time.

Another ARPwave Post ACL Surgery Success Story

Success Story Testimonial

Listen to this quick 1 minute video testimonial from a recent post ACL surgery patient.

"I recently had knee surgery, complete ACL repair and meniscus repair as well. I went to physical therapy, it was working very slowly. I heard about the ARPwave, and in less than 7 weeks I am wearing heels, teaching full time, running up and down stairs, . . . . So I feel Amazing"
- - - - Stephanie O. San Antonio, TX

7 Week Post ACL-Surgery Recovery Program

At Neuro Sports Performance & Rehab, our post-surgery ACL Recovery Program can typically have you back on the field or court in 7 weeks or less. . . . . Read more HERE.

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